Wheelchair Lifts Explained – The Different Types of Lifts to Keep the Disabled Mobile

Simply put, a wheelchair lift is a tool or piece of equipment used to elevate or lift wheelchairs. This device is particularly helpful to people who have difficulty in stepping up when they use their wheelchairs. It can operate either by electricity or hydraulics, but on occasions when there’s power failure, it can still function manually. Generally speaking, lifts can either be designed as a retracting platform or a fold-up lifting apparatus. In the same way that you choose a wheelchair, you also have to employ careful consideration in selecting a lift to go with it. After all, your decision can help spell the difference between comfort and inconvenience.

Lifts can be used both in hospitals and at home. Which is no surprise, because it only takes a relatively short amount of time to install, and is practically maintenance free. In addition to that, it features a non-slip platform, safety barrier and railing, and even pressure switches. To help you in the selection of a lift suitable for you or someone you’re buying it for, here are the different types of wheelchair lifts:

Inclined platform wheelchair lifts – Inclined platform lifts are designed with a major consideration in mind: they can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you or the person who will use it is quite flexible in his/her activities, then this type of wheelchair lift is definitely worth checking out. It can be used in a wide variety of places, from private houses and offices, to churches and schools. It is especially helpful when climbing stairs.

Portable wheelchair lifts – If the person who will use the lift is very gehandicapten mobiel and always on the go, then getting a portable wheelchair lift is a good option. This kind of lift is also sometimes referred to as mobilift – and with good reason. It is easy to bring along practically anywhere, like outdoor bleachers and vertical raised platforms.

Vertical platform wheelchair lifts – If you’re thinking more along the lines of commercial application, then you might want to have a look at a vertical platform lift. This kind of lift is designed to function in just that area. Alternatively, you can also use it as a home elevator.


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