How to Chose an Internet Marketing System

First, by one definition, an Internet marketing system is a packaged system sold as software or as part of a franchised or affiliate business start-up. It includes templates for ads or prepared ads, as well as a list of places to post the ads. It will also include everything you need to sell the products that make up the business you are buying into.

Some of the riva berkovitz review blog that amount to a business in a box are very successful. Many, however, are get-rich-quick schemes through which someone made a lot of money, and now makes more money by selling his or her “system”.

There are two questions you must ask yourself before buying one of these businesses: “If this individual was so successful with this business, why is he or she willing to share the customer base and the potential sales revenue with countless other people?” and “How many times can the customer base and the potential sales revenue be subdivided before there is nothing left and everyone who buys the system is after the same small number of people?”

The second definition of an Internet marketing system is “a plan that is designed to present a specific business (yours) using the most effective and appropriate marketing tactics in the most appropriate and effective ways and places on the Internet.” This Internet marketing system uses the many common marketing tactics in ways that are specific and appropriate for both your business and your ideal customer.

This kind of Internet marketing system is the result of your research, your creativity, and your understanding of how your product or service meets specific needs of real people to whom you know how to speak effectively.

Your research will produce insights into customer needs and desires, the competitive landscape, and your competitive advantages over the competition. It will speak the language of your ideal potential customers and it will focus on effectively moving those people to an informed buying decision.

The two are clearly not the same. Effective internet marketing systems are business and product based as much as they are audience based. The question is whether you trust your business and your product or service or you want to invest your future in a business-in-a-box that will compete with other mirror images of the same business.

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