Grow Hair With Minoxidil

The most commonly used and trusted product in the hair loss treatment regimen is MINOXIDIL. This is a vasodilator medication which is known for its ability to promote hair re growth and also to slow or stop hair loss and excessive hair fall.

The topical solution is available as an over the counter drug for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, common baldness and male pattern baldness as well as for female pattern baldness. Many high priced as well as generic brands of minoxidil kirkland re growth solutions exist. These do not differ in their active ingredient or concentration except for the differing versions within each brand. The brands under which this drug is available include Rogaine, Regaine, Avacorand and Mintop. These are available in all pharmacies and drugstores, while the increasing popularity for the online pharmacies and telemedicine has led to its sale through the internet.

Minoxidil was developed originally to treat hypertension or high blood pressure. The observation that it has a side effect of growing excessive hairs on the body or hypertrichosis led to its use for hair loss treatment. This is due to an increased blood supply to the local areas where there is thinning of hairs.

It is noted that those who are bald already will not benefit from it rather it helps those who have thinning of hairs. This indicates that the use of minoxidil is better when taken at early stage of baldness. The best ones that are affected will be those with a higher density of hairs at the beginning of the treatment.

It is usually applied to the scalp twice a day in strength of 1 to 3% solution. But for optimal results it should be used for at least 6 months to get the benefits. After discontinuation the measurable results disappear which prolongs its use for effectiveness on hair loss treatment.

The most common problem with the drug is the skin irritation that it causes. Also when it is discontinued after a prolonged use the hair loss may increase, in many instances it is many times faster than it was before its use.

Complications are rare but hypertensive patients as well as those having heart disorders should consult a doctor for its use. When purchased from any pharmacy online, it should be carefully checked for the formulations. As some have an inactive ingredient propylene glycol, which is found in some forms of topical Rogaine available in the market and sold through online pharmacy, as these can cause allergies in many users.

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