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Psychological Testing: A Brief But Useful Introduction

Testing and the whole notion of individual difference is something that psychology has embraced, investigated and developed throughout its history. Broadly speaking psychological testing can be defined as the use of one or more standardized measurement instruments, devices, or procedures including the use of computerized psychological tests, to observe or record human behaviour. This is […]

Understanding a Female Pelvic Examination

Today, female issues are on an ascent with the adjustment in way of life. Evolving atmosphere, adapting to pressure and nervousness and adjusting work and vocation negatively affect lady and dismissing wellbeing prompts various issues. Numerous issues like pelvic irritation or cervical movement delicacy need tests and assessments to reach to a resolution. This test […]

Five join NECO’s Board of Trustees

The new trustees are Linda Bennett, OD, founder of Bennett Family Eye and former president of the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists; Katherine Coffey, OD, founder of Coffey Eye Care and former president of the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists; Alan Glazier, OD, founder of ODs on Facebook; Janet LaBreck, former Obama White House Commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration and first […]

Istanbul Gelisim University

In 2008, “Gelisim Education Life-style Health and Social Service Foundation” begun to establish Vocational School known as ‘Istanbul Gelisim Vocational College ‘ and started out education personal life with Professional College established by the Ministry of Express Education and Council of Ministers on eighteen September 2008. Istanbul Gelisim University was established with the step used […]

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